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Transgenic Hybrids

These images are over 10 years old. They where created during the final year of my degree (1999). Inspired by multiple souces, ranging from genetic engineering, Chinese martial arts, artists such as Chuck Close and early photogrpahic techniques.

The final images (not shown) began life as simple photographs, which where scanned and manipulated in Photoshop, The images where then printed out and re-photographed with an old SLR camera and black and white film. The negatives where projected onto large sheets of metal (approx 7ft X 4ft) coated in ight sensitive gel to capture the image.

The development process involved using a mop to apply the developer, fixative and washes. (Great fun, althuough the dark room technician was not impressed). The final images had a brushed hand treated look, which contrasted against the the cold metallic look of the matal base.


Transgenic Hybrid 01

Transgenic Hybrid 02